10 Feb

And so tonight at Walmart there was a nice-looking young woman in front of me who paid for her milk, cheese and meat with some kind of WIC voucher. Food stamps, right?

I was buying chocolate chip cookies for Cal’s birthday, which is Valentine’s Day. I was going to make them, but I ended up just buying the dough. Then I burned them. Well, they aren’t exactly burned, that are that stage right before they burn. So super brown and crispy. I hope he likes those qualities in a cookie. I know he doesn’t like them in women (even if I do).

I also should have done this Monday and gotten them in the mail, because how in the hell is the post office going to ensure my boy gets his cookies by his birthday if I can’t even get the damn things in the mail before Thursday? God, being a procrastinating journalist sucks.

But Jaclyn’s comment made me think I need to tell more stories and do less rambling, so here’s my best story from today (since most of my day was spent at the drum shop trying to reconcile Ol’Boy’s QuickBooks, exciting).

Baxter and I like to take walks, and I especially like to let him run around off-leash. We found a massive field very close to our house which I believe to be some kind of OSU wheat and soil testing area. Anyway, it’s fenced on two sides and must be a mile or so both ways, so we park along the street and I let him run around in the fields, chasing birds and mice and the Children of the Corn. It’s winter now, so there’s not much growing, and it’s basically just a big empty space. I really wanted to get in a walk today because we didn’t get to go yesterday because of the weather, and I didn’t think I’d last long because it was SO cold out. So I bundled up in layers — two pants, three shirts, a coat, a hat, a scarf for my face and earmuffs. I even wore two pairs of socks.

I was OK except for my feet, which had a tendency to freeze around the ankles where the snow drifted in and up my pants. There were probably three inches of snow on the ground, but because it is wide open, the snow tended to blow off some higher spots and drift in low-lying areas. In short, there was a little deep snow to walk through but mostly I kept to high, dry ground.

And, naturally, my thoughts turned to the Plains Indians.

Can you imagine what life would be like without our warm houses, without (fucking) ONG? Without (goddamn) PSO and (God-forsaken) City of Wherever you Live? Don’t even get me started on (godless) AT&T. And here’s the thing — they didn’t know any better. As far as the Indians were concerned, when the days got short it got cold, and when it got cold they just bundled up and took to their homes (teepees, I presume? I hate my ignorance about Native American history) and built a fire and probably kept pretty warm.

The only thing that they had going for them that I don’t was Baxter — I imagine the Plains Indians did not have to get up in the middle of the night to let their dogs out. That said, they probably had to pee sometimes, and their elders probably made them leave their teepees to do that. Or did they make pee holes for the guys? If so, the women still probably had to squat in the snow. Goddamn sexist males since the dawn of time.

Anyway, so I’m out there thinking about the lives of the Indians and looking at the snow drifts and the sky, and I was struck once again by the beauty of it all, the fragility and the simplicity that we tend to ignore in favor of other pursuits. Just then, Baxter and I came upon dozens and dozens of Canadian geese who took to flight as he ran joyfully toward them, and as they rose majestically into the air, my little dog looked up at them, cocked his head toward the sky, and then threw himself to the ground to roll in/eat their shit.

And, scene.



One Response to “Karma”

  1. JC February 15, 2011 at 4:22 am #

    I expect photos next time.

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