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22 Apr

So my dad stumbled onto my blog — Hi Daddy! — and I’m just glad he hasn’t come across my porn site yet. He complimented something I’d written, and I was reminded that this is my paper of record, and I need to continue to write here daily, no matter how insignificant the day seemed.
Part of the issue is that I do an ad copy freelancing job at night that takes 30 minutes to an hour, so I’m pretty limited on evening “alone” time. (If I was alone in the evening, I’m pretty sure I’d just continually pass out with a book after two glasses of wine.)
That said, I’m about to embark on another freelance project, a top-secret transcription job for a friend. AND I’m wrapping up an annual awards contest I coordinate — so there’s not a whole lot of time lately, it seems.
We’re headed to Boston two weeks from today for my sweet baby Cal’s graduation. I am so blessed to count him as my son and I cannot wait to see him and my someday daughter-in-law. He is getting an extra special graduation present and I just can’t wait for the whole thing. I just wish my sister-in-law could be there, but other obligations are keeping her away. Still, Sam, Vivi, Billy and I should have a great time — Pop is coming with us, and we are excited to show him his grandson’s school.
More tomorrow … or probably technically later today.