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Knock ’em a kiss

11 Aug

I just got off the phone with a good friend who found out this afternoon that her elementary teaching contract hadn’t been renewed for this school year.

Not only was she informed of the school’s decision a week before she was to report to her classroom, she is currently raising three beautiful, charming little girls while her husband serves our country in the National Guard.

Four Oklahoma National Guardsmen have been killed in the last week in Iraq and Afghanistan, and of course we suffered an incredible blow earlier this month when a helicopter full of Navy SEALS was shot down.

This has been a stressful time for her, as her sister is also serving in Afghanistan. Now, my friend is faced not only with the uncertainly of her sister and husband’s welfare, she has to somehow find a job that will help her family put food on the table.

It hurt my heart to find out tonight that this fabulous teacher was pushed out for purely political reasons (and she knew that it might happen — all year she’d been saying “I could lose my job for doing the right thing.”). I am seriously considering rallying to her defense, and putting as much pressure as I can on the school board to find her a position, but you know what the worst part is? She can’t talk to her husband about it. He’s a million miles away in some desert, ensuring that our kids even GET an education.

When I found out she hadn’t been offered her job back, my heart ached. But when I imagined the pain she must be enduring from having to go it alone — without even being able to discuss with her best friend how her legs had been cut from under her — I couldn’t help but tearing up.

She’s the kind who will be OK. She’ll land on her feet, and someday she’ll see this as a blessing, just like every other obstacle in her life.

But right now it must hurt so bad.

So for her, go kiss your best friend — hopefully it’s the one you’re married to, living with, in a facebook relationship with. Imagine how you’d live your life without their advice and hugs. Imagine what she must be going through alone.

Imagine it and be glad it’s not you, and pay it forward with a hug, a kiss, a kind word, a supportive note, a helpful call.

She doesn’t get that luxury.


The storm a-brewin’ …

9 Aug

Well, OK, technically it brewed previously, but that’s the only title I could think of, because I SUCK AT HEADLINES. On my resume it should say, “Reliable and hard-working, but no headlines, please.”
So this crazy wind storm kicked up tonight, trapping me in the JB building (not the BJ building — that’s a story for another time). I looked out and it was getting dark at 7 p.m., so I opened up the doors to find the acrid smell of a grass fire (not unlike what the organic burning material Satan will foreshadow the apocalypse with) and wind blowing so hard that there were metal barrels and drywall soaring around in the air.
As with any good Oklahoma storm, limbs were cracked, roofs were torn off, and my power JUST went off.
Now I feel like a live blogger.
So I’m home alone at nearly midnight because Billy is working late, and I have no power, an NO clue where some candles might be. I don’t even thing I OWN any candles.
The light from this laptop is the only thing I’ve got going for me.
So I guess it’s time to go find an alternate power source. Damn. I hope I’m not horribly murdered in the middle of the night as in so many cheap horror movies. I hope Billy get home soon. I hope it’s OK that I let in the muddy dog. It better be — he’s my best chance at survival at this point!