If only boring people get bored …

28 Oct

… then I’m going to take on that Dos Equis guy as the Most Interesting Man Alive.

Yes, I’m a man now. The operation was a success.

I’m trying so hard to keep up with all the correspondence I want to, while still maintaing a relationship with my Ol’Boy and Vivi.

(A conversation from last night:

Me: ” … if you, you know, had to live in an unhappy house.”

Vivian: “Did you say ‘ we have a Happy House?’ ”

Me: “No, I said, if you were LIVING in an UNhappy house.”

Vivian: “OK, I was like, ‘We bought a Chinese restaurant?!’ “)

But I got to catch up with an old friend on my walk tonight (do I not have all my best conversation at the wrong end of Baxter’s leash? It’s a dangerous place, friends. There are poodles and piles of crap everywhere, just begging to be yanked into), which was nice. We’re both all old and smarter and inquisitive and shit. I’m more interesting over a bottle, near a music source. Otherwise I’m liable to start talking new media and digital advancements and other really, really mind-numbing stuff.

Point being, so much is going on, I feel the need again to bullet point it, lest my exploits be lost to history (read: I can’t remember what the hell happened to me last week, let alone a year ago).

1. I should be in Orlando right now for the annual collegiate student media conference, but I am not. It’s homecoming weekend and I’d be there alone, and it’s just not worth it without my students. But sad face.

2. Next week G$ should be rolling into town and I’ll get to hold/suck on the face of her new little boy. Yay!

3. Vivi’s band concert is next week, as is OSU’s High School Journalism Day and a training session at the Oklahoman, but NOTHING takes precedent over the Greatest Holiday in America. Next Monday night is Halloween, and it will be our first in Stillwater. (We usually go to Tulsa but the rumor is that our new neighborhood is the bomb.com at Halloween.) She’s going as a gypsy. I’m going as a middle-aged mom following children who are trick-or-treating, and hoping that someone takes pity on me and gives me wrapped sugar. That’s not part of the costume. Like, I really want that last part to happen.

4. Of course, the most important news of the week is that Cal and Sisi made it official by putting a ring on it, and so now I’m helping to plan a wedding, which I LOVE. I have to say that I am so, so, so thrilled — my soon-to-be daughter in law has gone from a sweet girl to an incredibly clever, funny, smart and dare I say GORGEOUS young woman. I am so lucky to have her, and for Vivian to have her, and for Cal to have her. Cal, of course, is the oldest soul I know and a simply magical person. It’s by the grace of God he’s in my life. I used to joke that I only married Billy to be closer to Cal and Sam, and I was only partly kidding. They are … well, they’re just amazing. Here’s to an incredible life together that I am blessed to share in.



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